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"Who will be there for you.....Comfort and care for you......Learn to be lonely....Learn to be your one companion...Never dreamed out in the world....There are arms to hold you....You've always known your heart was on its own....So laugh in your loneliness....Learn to be lonely.......Life can be lived, life can be loved alone...."

Phantom of the Opera-Stamp by xXLionqueenXx

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I think is important say something about myself here....have a phrase from Francis of Assisi....talking about the man he was and not the Saint cause I am not a religion guy...I was....but anyway.....the phrase is: "Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible"......but in my other my language that phrase has a different meaning and I always felt show a weak part of me when I thought in that....and in my country when I listened at first was something like that: "If you think is hard to help others....if you really want help others......then you need start helping yourself.....after your brothers and sisters.....your parents.....your family.....your friends....and suddenly you will be helping all people around you...".....that phrase seems simple.....but even if I always keep that in mind....I always do the same mistake....I try "help" others without help myself.....without realize I have problems and I need defeat my own demons to really be able to be something good for someone I like...but I always real life I already noticed a long time ago I am that kind of person who need be alone....but here I had felt something pure in sincere...something we can´t believe in real...that looks dangerous....for me...for finally I see clearly what I already thought.....I am that kind of "toxic people" that can´t be in deep contact with real is easy to avoid that for me always be alone and really choose we don’t always realize that we do it.... and we definitely rarely realize when it’s being done to us....when you’re in the situation it’s hard to see it objectively until hurt just keep in mind....people like me can be nice....but never will be enough to keep you happy in your happiness....maybe only don´t make you feel so lonely in your loneliness....not for share something good...but show something from my sorrows is better just keep a distance...for the sake of your own well-being...and mine either......and for "toxic people" just let go someone hurt a lot....cause some of us thinking are "helping" someone forget we need people more than people really need us...for keep deep inside the wish to be loved...and sometimes for some long time...

One time I had posted something I liked and I think one of the few good phrase from me : "don´t push yourself too´s ok if you don´t have good grades.....if you feel have hurt someone.....if people judge you for eat too much and the way you looked....if you are too tall or too small....your color....your tastes....your "ugly" or "pretty" something "right" and "wrong"......and be "happy" or "sad"......society...people tried force us to believe and so much cruel ideas everybody needed follow the same stupid rules to be "happy".....when everybody have their own "happy end"....but don´t mean we all need get the best job....the best grade for that happens....some people found happiness in the city....others in the nature....some people found happiness in their jobs....others just helping people as found the true happiness...we don´t need change who we are....but learn much more who we are.....and even when our happiness could be in the hands of someone we love...when we lost someone so special.....don´t mean we need suffer forever....cause part of them will be forever inside all people who means something for us......are part of all we have good deep inside us...and we need learn treasure that....and not only think about the tears someone made us cry.....but the good moments we share in life....cause only that moments really matter....."

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MagiaBlanca Featured By Owner 1 day ago
i really liked that poem you wrote about the liiion king, and what you said about that you think good people are samurai fighthing with swords against weapons, is just an awesome comparation, i always think that people who were indeed good and pure were like that methaphore from Don quixote's book, figthing against windmills....but eventhough if for most people that phrase sounds a bit pessimist for me is the opposite because i always thinked that Don Quixote (In other words good people, and people with ideals) can win over the windmills because ths¡is last ones can be so powerfull and seem to be invincible but i think that good people have soemthing, a weapon who is overall more important than any gun, talent or power, ort even fame, its our ideals thaat give us an inner strenght that can surpass anything in this world, like the idea of cosmo in S.S.i always thinked something like that.

Now just talking about the poem, i want to say that i like it the way you wrote it, with few words, but as its they were enough to make feel and understand that important idea and value that you want to show, overall i think for me its the most important thing in art is the message you want to transmite through beautie things, and as i see you did this time so perfectly that really make me feel and cheer me up to start to draw again...and oing things for to show all my ideas and vlues like in the old times. 

Friend Thank you for your art, now it make me find the way again, i was a bit lost this last times. For that things you are a person who i really respect you always are there for to help me ven if that was not your First goal.

and of course i like the drawing of the lion, it looks stunning to my eyes and at the same time fit perfectly with youyr words :3
nadine20 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you very much for the faves and comment^^
IrrevocableFate Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Writer
:heart: Thank you for the favorite.
manar1 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
thanks for the fav :) appreciate it 
catanddogs101 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks for the fav:)
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